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School-Based Services

MJ Care, Inc. has more than 20 years of experience providing special education staffing and Medicaid billing for school-based services. Our mission is to help attract and retain top talent for the success of your students, while maximizing reimbursement dollars.


It’s the mission of MJ Care, Inc.’s school services division to make it simple for Special Education Program Administrators to meet the needs of students in accordance with their individualized IEPs. We offer both special education staffing and Medicaid billing capabilities to ensure optimal outcomes for students, teachers, schools and communities. 

Through our proprietary Medicaid billing software, SBS Elite, we make it easy to log and submit Medicaid claims for behavior, nursing and transportation services, as well as other School-Based Services. We keep special education programs compliant, while maximizing reimbursements to put dollars back in your budget. 

Special Education Staffing

MJ Care, Inc. has a strong mission, a clear vision, and decades of experience in school therapy staffing. We are dedicated to school districts and are passionate about connecting students with the therapy professionals they need.

Medicaid Billing for SBS

With over 20 years of school-based billing experience, MJ Care, Inc. provides successful billing for school-based services through a combination of our team of experts and our proprietary web-based software.

Comprehensive Support for Our Schools

MJ Care, Inc. sets the standard for special education staffing and Medicaid billing for School-Based Services. Our organization places well-qualified therapy professionals, nurses and other special education staff in K-12 schools for full-time, part-time or temporary assignments, while offering Medicaid billing and reporting solutions that maximize reimbursements. 

“We wouldn’t be able to get the reimbursement we have without MJ Care’s expertise.”

Rely on us to Support the Success of Your Students

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