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About Us

Our Mission

To provide quality healthcare experience, while achieving outstanding outcomes.

Our Vision

Unparalleled, customized solutions for rehabilitative therapy and School-Based Services.

The MJ Way™

MJ Care, Inc. operates on a philosophy of providing quality healthcare by empowering quality caregivers—supporting and encouraging them to function at the highest levels. Ultimately, it means treating others how you’d like to be treated, by honoring their individuality and respecting their dignity. Above all, MJ Care, Inc. advocates for the equitable treatment of all individuals, and we stand firm in convictions of ethical practice and quality compliance. That’s the MJ Way™.

Get to Know MJ Care, Inc.

For 45 years, MJ Care, Inc. has served as a trusted resource for rehabilitative therapy staffing and related billing services. Today, our abilities also extend to billing for school-based services, broad healthcare staffing, and clinical consulting.

Our experience spans a broad range of caregiver settings, including schools, clinics, hospitals, long-term care communities, skilled nursing facilities and home health settings. We thrive on providing compassionate, experienced care to our students, patients and residents, as well as exceptional results for the organizations we partner with.

We’re an organization that takes pride in being customer-focused across the various healthcare staffing and billing services we offer to our clients, as well as the many healthcare employment opportunities we have available. Our growing team of nearly 600 talented and dedicated associates works hard every day to bring positive energy and outstanding professionalism to everything they do. Whether it’s helping seniors maintain their mobility, working with students according to their IEP or filling critical positions in your healthcare facility, you can count on MJ Care, Inc.

If you’re not already working with us, we invite you to contact our division leaders to learn more our services and how we can meet your needs. For those seeking a new career path, talk with our recruiters to learn more about our employment opportunities and the many benefits of joining the MJ Care, Inc. team.

Our Leadership Team

A commitment to excellence starts at the top. We’ve cultivated a leadership team that sets the example for integrity, while holding our employees and associates to the highest standards of quality. We’re an organization governed by a commitment to continuous improvement. We invite you to meet the leaders driving our innovation, and the excellence that follows it. 

MJ Care, Inc. Through the Years

For 45 years, MJ Care, Inc. has provided highly regarded therapy staffing and related billing services to customers in schools, clinics, hospitals, long-term care and home health settings. Learn more about our company history below.

Physical therapist Mary Van Lare founded our organization, then known as “MJ Therapy Services.” With a therapy aide by her side, Mary treated patients at a skilled nursing facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her reputation as a servant therapist, alongside her incredible patient focus and positive outcomes, set her and the MJ Therapy Services team apart from other contract therapy agencies at the time.
Nearly 15 years after our founding, we received our first designation as a Certified Rehabilitation Agency. The following year (1992), “MJ Therapy Services” became “MJ Care, Inc.,” complete with updated branding. This was the earliest iteration of our company as it exists today—and while the logo and brand style guidelines have changed, our commitment to service excellence has always remained the same.
Expanding beyond senior living, we began offering reimbursement for school-based services through Medicaid. Soon after, MJ Care, Inc. began providing staffing for pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy in the school setting. This marked a pivotal time in our company’s history and opened the door to one of our largest business segments to-date. Today, we serve schools in Wisconsin, Iowa and additional states.
MJ Care, Inc. makes the decision to invest heavily in school services by creating a proprietary, custom-built, secure online program for Medicaid billing. SBS Elite makes it easy for pediatric caregivers and the schools they represent to log, track and submit school-based services, to maximize Medicaid reimbursements and minimize claim rejections.
After decades of service, Founder Mary Van Lare decides to retire her position as CEO of MJ Care, Inc. Her daughter, Kelly Meleo, succeeds her in assuming responsibility of the company’s operations and growth. Kelly becomes a second-generation owner, committed to maintaining the integrity of the business model her mother envisioned 40 years prior.
MJ Care, Inc. strategically launches CareForce: the reinvention of RehabForce, a long-time MJ Care, Inc. service focused on therapy staffing. The decision to re-brand and re-launch CareForce was born of a necessity to meet the challenges facing healthcare facilities today: staffing shortages, unexpected vacancies, evolving standards and more. 
MJ Care, Inc. Logo MJ Care, Inc. continues to operate in many settings, including long term care, assisted living, public and private schools and hospitals. Our goal remains the same as it did decades ago: to provide high-quality, professional and ethical services, honoring the individual and their unique needs.